Oral Surgery

Oral surgery is a dental speciality that deals with the treatment and ongoing management of irregularities and pathology of the jaw and mouth that require surgical intervention


Although the surgical removal of teeth is the most common procedure performed in oral surgery, there is a broad scope to the specialty.

This includes the management of hard and soft tissue pathology, oral infections, trauma and oral-facial pain along with provision of surgery to support orthodontics and insertion of dental implants.

Other procedures commonly include:

  • Laser gum surgery
  • The removal of impacted wisdom teeth
  • Correct contouring of the gums
  • Crown lengthening to treat a gummy smile
To ensure your comfort during procedures, we offer sedation dentistry for you if you feel anxious.

At Cura Dental Studios we work closely with Orthodontic; Periodontal; and Maxillofacial specialists to achieve optimal treatment results for our patients.

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