About Us

Cura Dental Studios was founded by Dr. Nishalin Govender and our team has been working meticulously together for close to a decade.

Here we have a continual commitment to excellence and compassionate care. Dr Nishalin Govender enjoys educating, motivating and working with people who are passionate about their well-being. He has a B.Ch.D (U.W.C) Dental Surgeon from the University of the Western Cape.

“Whilst a natural motivator, I think my core virtues are honesty, being calm and generous,” says Dr Govender. “ I wish to embody these values with your Cura experience”. He adds that Cura is is changing the way people experience dentistry.

Dr Govender is known for his superb eye for detail offering you the gift of a confident smile. He is respected within the community for being a compassionate, intuitive, and creative individual.


Unique Specialised Services:

  • Personalised Care

    At Cura we build relationships rather than simply treat problems. We consider crucial aspects such as time and cost, and each dental treatment plan is tailored to serve your best needs.

  • Pain-free Dentistry

    We understand dental treatments can cause pain; nervousness and anxiety. Our aim is to make your time spent in the dental chair a pleasant experience. Under our care, we utilise a wealth of techniques - sharing our skills and knowledge to offer you the most comfortable and concise treatment experience.

  • In-house Dental Laboratory

    Having access to an on-site dental lab is hugely beneficial to your treatment. Working as a team with experienced lab technicians we can efficiently provide you with the highest quality aesthetic work.



  • "Wow Doctor Nishalin Govender I was so blown away by your beautiful dentist rooms at 18 Musgrave Park in beautiful Durban. Loved the ambient music, the fresh blooms, Buddha as our second dental nurse, & that comfy sponge - soft blue bomb of a dentist chair made my first dentist visit with you a breeze!"
    Suzy Bell
  • "Cura Dental Studios has a zen like atmosphere, and professional staff who communicate with you every step of the way. Dr. Govender and his team perform outstanding work. I highly recommend Cura Dental Studios for honest and professional service."
    Dim V Dobrev
  • "This dentist is an absolute gentleman and a professional. He is so gentle and his staff are so accommodating and courteous. I would highly recommend him."
    Alain Du Plessis
  • "OMG have you ever wanted to fall a sleep in the dentist chair. What an amazing experience. Dr Nish was awesome. I had my first tooth pulled out and it was a wisdom tooth absolutely no pain what so ever. And I'm over 60 highly recommended."
    Eunice Finlay
  • "Such a pleasant experience going to Cura Dental Studios. Dr. Govender is wonderful and caring. I really felt like he listened to my concerns and was very reassuring. The Studio is gorgeous! Thiloshni is so friendly and helpful. I am very glad to have found a Dental Practice that goes the extra mile for their patients."
    Caylee Meadows
  • "I took my 5 year old daughter to Dr Nish to have her tooth extracted. He was extremely gentle, patient and reassuring. He made her do breathing exercises and gave her an injection without her even realising it. A huge thank you to you and your Assistant for the amazing service that we received. I will definitely be back and will bring the rest of my family to see you."
    Lejean Williams
  • "Was so impressed how young dentist peeps like you are so much more tech savvy with 3D teeth printers and I didn't have to bite down on that old school blue jelly gum. Thank you Nish you are so professional & you make visiting the dentist a far more aesthetically pleasing experience. My teeth feel super flippen fantastic thanks to you!"
    Suzy Bell
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