Computerised Dentistry

Making use of cutting edge dental technology we give our patients the best care.

Here are a few examples of some of the benefits of our modernised procedures.

Diagnosis and treatment planning

We make use of the World’s smallest Suni® x-ray sensor on the market, which is comfortable and not obtrusive in your mouth and whilst dental x-ray procedures are done.

This small sensor is as much as half the size as traditional alternatives without loosing any of its diagnostic accuracy. Together with this, our efficient imaging is instant and does not require you to be in an awkward position for long lengths of time.

Another added benefits are our use of a Tru-Align® cone and a protective collar. These tools minimise even further the radiation you are exposed to during the procedure, making sure you are safe at all times.

All our x-rays are digitally processed and viewed on computer. Large clear digital displays offer accurate diagnosis and we share our findings with you.

Photography is used as an important treatment tool at our practice. Inside the mouth as well as outside of the mouth pictures are taken using highly specialised cameras.
You will be informed of everything and can see what is inside your mouth during the process. This transparency removes fear and anxiety associated with dental treatments.

These benefits are standardised care and will be part of every experience you have when visiting us at Cura.

CAD/CAM (Computer aided design/ Computer aided milling) system.

At Cura Dental Studios we offer our patients the benefits of precision computer generated restorative dentistry.

CEREC® by Sirona Dental Systems is one of the world’s leading systems in the fabrication of all ceramic dental restorations in one office visit, saving a great deal of time when compared to traditional alternatives for treatment.

Crowns, ceramic fillings, veneers or inlays do not have to be fabricated in the laboratory. Once the tooth is prepared for treatment the computer then scans the surface.

This information is used to generate a 3D modelling image of the tooth. With the help of this powerful dental technology, a restoration is created on the same day of appointment. No impressions or temporary fillings are needed. These aesthetic solutions are made to blend with the surrounding teeth in perfect harmony.

What are advantages of CAD/CAM technology?

  • Impression free dentistry
  • No temporary restorations
  • No follow-up second appointment
  • Metal-free restorations & biocompatible dentistry
  • Excellent aesthetic results
  • Durable & long lasting treatments